Times have certainly changed.

The Trattoria Pasquale family continues to miss the opportunity to serve you in our dining room and we remain so so grateful to be continuing to provide our meals to go.
We have been struggling to figure out how we can do something more personal with our customers now that the “6 foot & curfew” rules are in place?

How can we be with our customers without being physically there?

Quarantine Cuisine


The Quarantine Cuisine Cooking Series will be a collection of recipes that Chef Luigi actually prepares for his family at home. That’s right everyone, the secrets of Luigi’s home cooking are coming straight to your kitchen once a week. We will release a recipe schedule with order deadlines. Swing by the restaurant by 7:30 pm on Saturdays to collect your ingredients and printed recipe for that week. Chef Luigi will be recording himself preparing the recipe for you to cook along with him as well.

When the recipe is done, sit back with your favorite wine and post a picture of your meal to our Facebook page!
Luigi and Family will be enjoying the same meal with you each Sunday and will post as well.

Each meal kit will include enough ingredients for two entrees and the price will differ as the recipes change.
The first few weeks will be recipes that do not require any special tools.

 As the weeks progress, we will start providing recipes that may require special tools, which we can provide in the kit at an additional cost.
To summarize, each kit will include:

  • Luigi’s home recipe

  • Ingredients for a meal for two

  • Access to Luigi’s Video Tutorial

  • A special cooking tool, if applicable

Chef Luigi looks forward to teaching you the recipes of his house.

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