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The health and safety of our customers and our staff is of the utmost importance to us.

Please review the policies and procedures we follow to keep
Trattoria Pasquale as safe as we can.



Policies & Procedures:


We are checking temperatures at the door – for all who enter.  Anyone with a low-grade temperature of 100 degrees will not be allowed to enter.

All guests are required to wear a mask when entering, exiting or moving about the restaurant.  

We have hand sanitizer available for all guests.

Common use items – like pens, and check presenters are sanitized after each use.

Menus will be sanitized after each use.  A QR Code menu is available as well.

During peak hours, we are initiating a text service to let you know when your table is ready. 

All customers must be seated – no standing or lingering at the bar or lounge area.


Temperature checks for all employees. Anyone sick or with any symptoms is not to come into the building.

All staff members have been trained on safety precautions - the importance and expectation of increased frequency of hand washing, the use of hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, and clear instructions to avoid touching hands to face.

Masks and gloves (where appropriate) for all staff.


We have installed an air purifier in our HVAC system to kills mold, viruses and bacteria. 
We are using strict guidelines for cleaning as always. 

Complete sanitizing of booths, chairs, tables, silverware, glassware, and wall areas after each use.

Rotation of employees and management that will be sanitizing all common high-touch areas as often as possible. 


The new space is much larger – and with proper social distancing we can safely seat 100 people at a minimum.  Our capacity is 200 so we can safely host 100 people per State and CDC guidelines. However, we are keeping the number smaller to help with comfort levels and safety. 


We have booths which are higher than 4 feet at the back, so we can seat each booth (per guidelines) without worry. 


There will be no mixing of tables (with people you do not know – for big nights). 
We have a larger back room for bigger parties to space properly. 

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