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People travel to Lombardia for a variety of reasons. Milan alone is a European capital of fashion, art, design and finance, while the mountains to the north offer skiing in the winter and stunning walks in the summer. The great lakes of Como, Garda and Maggiore all fall within its borders, as does the mighty River Po, all of which make up for Lombardia’s lack of coastline. But while the sights, high-end fashion and business are vital to Lombardy’s identity, so is its food – which is some of the richest and most decadent in all of Italy.

Rice and polenta dishes are enriched with the region’s famous cheeses and butter, while freshwater fish make their way onto menus in restaurants near the great lakes. Lombardia isn’t the place to go if you’re after bright fresh tomatoes, aromatic basil and other Mediterranean ingredients; instead, the food here is more like its German and Swiss neighbors to the north, with big, bold, hearty ingredients staving off the colder weather. A traditionally wealthy region, aged cheeses, expensive spices and prime cuts of meat take precedence.

Lombardia is most famous for its red wines made from Nebbiolo grapes and the sparkling wine Franciacorta, which is tipped to become the next Prosecco. Despite being a northern region, the lowlands create a Mediterranean climate which is ideal for growing both grapes and olives, so you can find decent whites, reds and rosés along with the more famous varieties.

Regional dishes made with true to the region recipes.

Select wines from the region - available in flights or by the glass.

Regional dishes made with true to the region recipes

Select wines from the region - available in flights or by the glass


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