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The region of Basilicata was known in Roman times as Lucania – a name some residents still use today. Basilicata is in southern Italy and sits between the boot’s ‘toe and heel’, with Puglia to its north, the Ionian Sea to the south-east, Calabria to the south and southern Campania to the west. Basilicata may be a small region, but its landscape is diverse, ranging from the eroded hills called ‘Calanchi‘ in the Matera area (where the Sassi, ancient cave dwellings, are a World Heritage Site), to the higher mountains of the interior and the coastal beaches. Basilicata may be sandwiched between the two principal regions of mainland southern Italy – Calabria and Puglia, but it has retained its own cultural identity.


The typical food of Basilicata, simple and fragrant, is entirely based on a few local products, wisely combined in typical and very old traditional dishes.  The tastiest sauces cannot go without hot pepper (pepperoncino), the real symbol of cuisine in Basilicata, locally known  as diavolicchio (little devil). Basilicata’s cheeses are famous throughout Italy, due to large areas of pasture that are still used to graze sheep, goats and the pale cattle of southern Italy. 


Regional dishes made with true to the region recipes.

Select wines from the region - available in flights or by the glass.

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