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In love and in life, one BIG NIGHT can change everything.

Travel with us through all 20 regions of Italy for a truly unique dining experience in South Tampa!
Each month we feature a different region of Italy - highlighting it's food and culture through a 7 course meal.
Chef Luigi has made BIG NIGHT a true passion and works each month
to create an exceptional experience for our guests.

With each dish you will hear Chef's explanation of his inspiration for the dish
and often stories related to the region and how he had experienced it. 
All BIG NIGHT menus are kept strictly secret.

No one knows the menu until it is presented one course at a time.

You will not know the dish you are eating until after you have eaten it.

Sparking fun conversation, great guessing,
this approach allows you to try things you may have never considered before!

We hope you will join us and experience a part of Italy right here in Tampa!

*Seating for BIG NIGHT is limited and reservations are required. 
Announcements about these exclusive events are made only through our 
email list. Join our mailing list today!*

**Please note: joining the mailing list does not guarantee a reservation.
Requests for BIG NIGHT reservations are made through the announcement emails only.
Accepted reservations are always confirmed in email.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, your reservation has not been confirmed.**

If you would like to receive announcement emails regarding BIG NIGHT - please click the below button to subscribe.

By completing and sending the information to join our email list, you agree to receive emails from
Trattoria Pasquale / Luigi's Kitchen, Inc. Instructions to be removed from the email list are available on every email we send.

Please do not send regular reservation requests or questions on this form.
This mailbox is dedicated to the Big Night event and is not regularly monitored.

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